Pedalafest 2016.

bicycle festival

June 02. – 04. 2016.

park Ribnjak


Park Ribnjak

20:00 - 21:10

Nan deSKA?!

ska / reggae

21:15 - 21:30


world music / ethno

21:45 - 23:00


funk / soul

22:00 - 23:00

cyclo cinema screenings

Cycle cinema club

Youth center Ribnjak

19:00 - 19:30

Festival opening

19:30 - 20:00


Transformation and improvements in NYC

23:00 - 01:00

dBart & E1

disco / boogie / soul / house

01:00 - 02:00


disco / punk / funk / electro

Youth center Ribnjak - large hall

10:00 - 13:00

closed to the public


14:30 - 15:30

Panel discussion


16:30 - 17:00


Non commercial cargo bike sharing in Vienna

23:00 - 00:30


funk / breakbeat

00:30 - 01:15

Popsimonova (live act)

electro / industrial

01:15 - 03:00


disco / house

DOM, Ribnjak 3

11:00 - 12:00

Panel diskusija
(zatvoreno za javnost)

Bike to work

Youth center Ribnjak - terrace on the ground floor


Cycle Chic Hu, Áron Halász (Budapest) - "Cycle Chic Hu & I Bike BP"

14:30 - 15:30


European Road Safety Charter

16:00 - 17:00


Why we need degrowth

18:00 - 18:30


Cycle Chic Hu

DOM, Ribnjak 3

10:00 - 13:00

(closed for the public)

ECF leadership

13:00 - 14:00

(closed for the public)


Youth center Ribnjak - terrace on the ground floor

12:00 - 13:00


Cycle Cinema Club

  • (Vienna)

Youth center Ribnjak - large hall

15:00 - 16:30

Panel discussion

Cycling embassies

  • Dutch Cycling Embassy, Saskia Kluit (Amsterdam)
  • Beograd Velograd, Ralph Van Der Zijden (Belgrade)
  • Hungarian cyclists’ Club, Áron Halász (Budapest)
  • Sindikat biciklista, Tomislav Nakić-Alfirević (Zagreb)
  • Cycling embassy of Denmark, Ute Stemmann (Copenhagen)
  • Cycle Competence Center Austria, Alec Hager (Vienna)

club Močvara

20:00 - 21:30

Outdoor entertaining program

  • awards ceremony for Bike to Work campaign
  • bicycles show, guests SentiMental Bikes
  • DJ Vlad (indie/alternative/rock/nu disco/indietronica)

21:30 - 23:00


electro / tech / house

23:00 - 00:00

Strobelyx (live act)


00:15 - 01:15

Marko i Darko

rock'n'roll / punk / blues

01:15 - 01:30

Suprise band

01:30 - 02:30

Soul Brothers

old school rap / funk / turntablism

02:30 - 04:00


disco / house / boogie


We have prepared many events through which we want to bring to the attention of our fellow citizens and guests that by using bikes they are setting in motion a positive change.
Join us in the campaign for a better quality of living, more public space, less noise and pollution… This year our motto is: Choose your luck, get on your bike!span>
Enjoy the third „Pedalafest“!

Next bike, Krešimir Dvorski (Croatia)

Public bicycle system which provides to each user a quick, practical, healthy, safe and costworthy mean of public transport under the slogan: "Sit and ride!", actively participating in the bicycle infrastructure development Croatia and encouraging people to use the bikes for everyday purposes and improve their health and well being of all citizens and tourists visiting Zagreb.

Mobiped, Benoit Beroud (Lyon)

Mobiped is an independent consultancy in sustainable mobility. Founded by Benoit Beroud in February 2011, they assist local governments, companies and event organisors. Mobiped advices them to facilitate transportation, mobility and accessibility for their citizens or their visitors. Mobiped has worked for customers from 7 different countries from various types: local governments, national institutes, European projects, consultancies, events planners, training organisms, editors and conferences.

Cycle Competece Austria, Alec Hager (Vienna)

Austria’s cycle traffic numbers are going up, more and more kilometres are covered on a bicycle. Austria is among the top 7 cycle nations in Europe. Progress is not possible without a certain level of quality in the planning stage and production. Dynamics are emerging – things are moving ahead! These dynamics are being picked up and carried forward by the new platform “Cycle Competence Austria”. Its members represent a selection of the best companies Austria has to offer in the cycle traffic sector. Be it from the fields of planning, consulting, services, production or research. The platform “Cycle Competence Austria” wants to offer the best possible cycling solutions “Made in Austria” to improve cycle traffic, launch international networking activities and transfer know-how to interested parties from all over Europe.

The Cargo Bike Collective, Konrad Berg (Vienna)

In early 2010, the motto “Cargo Bike Collectivism Now!” motivated a group of bicycle enthusiasts in Vienna to found the Lastenradkollektiv (LRK) as a sort of “cargo bike share”. The collective embraces the idea of a solidarity economy: cargo bike use should not aim for profit and commercial advantage but strive for solidarity and try to respond to actual needs. Each member of this self-administered and self-organised collective takes part in handling the maintenance and rental of one cargo bike. There are no fixed rental fees; users donate an amount of their choice for cargo bike usage. These donations are relayed to a bike repair fund and serve to purchase new bikes and trailers.

Cargonomia, Adrien Despoisse (Budapest)

Cargonomia is the formalisation of pre-existing cooperation between three socially and environmentally conscious small enterprises operating in or near Budapest. Partners within the project include Cyclonomia Do it Yourself Bicycle Social Cooperative, Zsamboki Biokert, an organic vegetable farm and sustainable agriculture community education center which distributes weekly vegetable boxes to food communities in Budapest, and Kantaa, a self organized bike messenger and delivery company.

NaTochak, Darko Arsovski (Skopje)

NaTochak is an informal organisation of bike lovers fighting for better cycling conditions in Skopje. As a result of NaTochak, over 5 local NaTochak communities arose in other cities in Macedonia, each of them targeting their municipality authorities and acting locally on their own. NaTochak organises monthly critical masses in Skopje, is involved in various side projects that have educational character, communicates and collaborates with the municipality authorities on a regular basis and as a direct consequence of NaTochak's actions, the City of Skopje is implementing the biggest cycling infrastructure project so far - Skopje VeloCity 2017.

MOL Bubi, Peter Dalos (Hungary)

Péter Dalos is a representative of MOL Bubi bike-sharing company and bicycle-friendly transport planner. Besides several bicycle-friendly transport master plans for cities, bicycle transport strategies, international/domestic policy of urban and recreational cycling, traffic management, promotion of sustainable transport, and transport safety projects he has been working on the bike-sharing project of Budapest (‘Bubi’) at TRENECON-COWI Ltd. a Danish-Hungarian consultancy with a special expertise on sustainable mobility. Currently he is working as Operations Officer of the Bubi bike-sharing at BKK Centre for Budapest Transport.

Ruralni tandem, Lidija Mišćin (Croatia)

Association "Rural tandem" was established to promote, develop and improve tourism and special forms of tourism in the rural area of Zagreb, Croatian tourist regions and countries in the region. The association covers all areas necessary for achievement of the main objective - promotion, development and improvement of tourism and special forms of tourism in rural areas.

Novosadska biciklistička inicijativa, Marko Trifković (Novi Sad)

Marko Trifković is representative of the Novi Sad Cycling Initiative (NSBI). NSBI is an organization of citizens founded in 2011, with a goal of developing and improving the position of cycling community in Novi Sad. The organization focuses on education about safety, promotion of urban cycling and the development of infrastructure, in order to increase the number of people on bicycles in the capital of Vojvodina.

Cycling Embassy of Denmark, Ute Stenman (Denmark )

The Cycling Embassy of Denmark is a comprehensive network of private companies, local authorities and non-government organizations working together to promote cycling and communicate cycling solutions and know-how. The Cycling Embassy of Denmark unites knowledge of cycling from the private, public and voluntary sectors in an effort become a primary source of cycling knowledge. Thus, the Cycling Embassy of Denmark holds the best knowledge of all areas related to bicycling ranging from bicycles and bicycle equipment to bicycle tourism, parking facilities, bicycle infrastructure, city planning and much more.

Institut za turizam, Zoran Klarić (Croatia)

The Institute for Tourism is the only scientific public institute in Croatia specializing in research and consultancy services in tourism. Its expertise is based on scientific work, permanent research activities and the continuous education of its multidisciplinary team. The institute’s activities are governed by an integrated approach to tourism development and management, which takes into account the development aspects of a company or a tourist destination, as well as the national tourism policies. The Institute for Tourism works together with tourism industry players with whom it shares a common goal – to achieve a higher level of competitiveness for Croatian tourism.

Slovenski kolesarji, Bojan Žižek (Slovenia)

The Slovenian cycling network is a voluntary and non-profit association of organizations, who joined in faith of encouraging cycling in Slovenia, to influence a permanent development of pedestrian, cyclist and public transport friendly traffic, to coordinate the movement of the organisations,and to represent them in a dialog with the national administration and international movements. They have a full membership in European cycling federation.

Fietsersbond, Saskia Kluit (Netherlands)

The Dutch Fietsersbond (Cyclists' Union) is an organisation which represents the interests of cyclists in the Netherlands by working towards the expansion and improvement of bicycle friendly infrastructure. The Fietsersbond does this by lobbying, and working with, all levels of government on urban planning, policies, and laws, etc. to improve cycling conditions and make Dutch cities, towns and country areas safer and easier to get around in for anyone who rides a bike — which is a large proportion of the population: approximately 5 million Dutch people ride every day out of the country's total population of 16.8 million.

European Cyclists's Federation

Od osnutka 1983. godine, ECF ima jedan cilj: promicanje biciklizma kao održivog i zdravog načina prijevoza i rekreacije. Njihovi korijeni su u Europi, ali su izazovi s kojima se suočavaju globalni. Vjerujući da je bicikl rješenje mnogih svjetskih problema, imaju ambiciju izvoziti širom svijeta i vlastitu i stručnost svojih članova.

Mreža CIVINET Slovenija - Hrvatska

Network CIVINET Slovenia - Croatia was established in Ljubljana, 25 April 2013. It is a network of cities and other stakeholders, working on sustainable planning and management of traffic in the two neighboring countries. The aim of the network is the knowledge transfer and good practice and developing projects for financing future activities of transport sustainability. Membership is open to cities and other stakeholders from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia.

Ivan Golubić

A representative of the team working on the development of electric bikes Grunner and Grunner system electric city bikes, which are primarily intended for students and the tourists. The team is part of the Association INNOVUS which brings together young and innovative people in the development of interesting projects and educates young people .

Hungarian cyclists’ club, Aron Halasz (Budapest)

Hungarian Cyclists’ Club (HCC) is the most significant civil organisation in the Hungarian cycling society and affiliated organisation of the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF). Five employees at the office in Budapest coordinate its work. The number of members is continuously increasing, the Club has built up a network of local activist bodies all around the country, and it organises volunteer professionals into working groups for infrastructure, communication, education, etc., thus creating an effective matrix of local and professional knowledge in every field related to cycling.

The main goal of its activity is to popularise cycling as a mode of transport, raise its significance, and create its culture. To achieve this goal, Hungarian Cyclists’ Club is in strategic and professional partnerships with cities countrywide, Budapest being the first and largest partner. As part of this partnership, HCC has coauthored the Cycling Budapest Strategy, as well as consulted the market study conducted in the city.

Beograd Velograd, iBikeBelgrade, Ralph Van Der Zijden (Belgrade)

In 2011 he moved from Haag to Belgrade and started a project called iBikeBelgrade. The main activity iBikeBelgrade is to provide bicycle tour, mainly tourists. iBikeBelgrade is socially oriented company where the main objectives is promoting cycling in Belgrade, creating jobs and encouraging others in similar ventures. He worked for a Dutch non-governmental organization "Spark" in Kosovo and Macedonia, where he organized summer schools and helped young people to start their own business.

iBikeBelgrade supports bicycle fest Beograd Velograd.

Graham Cavanagh (NYC)

Graham is a transportation planner and consultant to public officials, private stakeholders, and community organizations. He has worked on international transportation policy frameworks, complete street infrastructure designs, and community engagement strategies to enhance multi-modal integration, encourage balanced mode-shares, and prioritize public transport with active mobility (cycling and walking) to reduce urban congestion, improve safety and quality of life in cities.

Sindikat biciklista, Tomislav Alfirević-Nakić (Croatia)

Sindikat biciklista (Cyclists‘ Union) is a Croatian non-profit advocacy NGO with the mission of promoting cycling as a viable, sustainable and fast mode of transport. Sindikat biciklista aims to improve the cultural status of cycling and improve the livability of Croatian cities through increasing cycling, walking and public transport modal shares. Sindikat biciklista works hard to establish public support and remove barriers to cycling through infrastructure and policy improvements.


Biciklopopravljaona (Bike Kitchen) is a project under the patronage of the Green Action. The purpose of Biciklopopravljaona is to provide the space, tools and advice to all interested and enable them to fix their own bike. Bicpop will demonstrate their skills and teach you little secrets that will help you to fix your bike or help others to do so.


For Ciklorama there is no such thing as a hopeless case. They will check out your bike and do whatever it takes to make it drivable again. And that is absolutely free! (Although you can bring a candy to the guys). They will also give you cat eyes/reflectors/safety reflectors for the bikes to increase your and traffic safety. At their spot you will find a DJ who will prepare a mini party in the late hours.

Happy hoop

The main goal is to give people a tool for a happier, healthier and more active life. Hooping connects different people, puts a smile on their face, strengthen muscles, brings you back to shape and teaches us that we can do whatever we want as long as we give it a try.

Join them and don’t worry about failure. We were all beginners once.

We look forward to seeing you! 🙂

Children's art workshop by Tea Ivković

Tea Ivković will lead the children’s art workshop named “My Eco-bicycle”! Join us with your kids in a playful and creative atmosphere where they will use eco material - branches, strings, wires - make the most resistant bicycle! There will also be music on the programme and everyone can share their ideas which we will then realize on paper and collage. Participants - little and big - can think of their own eco-bicycle which they would like to ride, and then, most importantly, we will create this bike of the future and save the world from the catastrophic pollution which we all fight against! Join us in creating your own green bike of future!


closed for public

Bicycle Semiotics

Cycalicious Greenwashing: How Do High Quality Media Products Seem to Promote Cycling as a Modern, Urban, Desirable Mode of Transportation


Slacklining is a practice in balance that typically uses nylon or polyester webbing tensioned between two anchor points. Slacklining has quickly become popular due to its simplicity and versatility and its ability to be practiced in a variety of environments. Beside strengthening core and leg muscles, and improving balance and concentration, it is also fun! Try it!

Workshops are held by Goran Pirš i Anton Mezulić.


Cycle Cinema Club is a pedal-powered open-air cinema that was started 2012 in Vienna. This initiative follows a Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) approach as viewers crank up e-bikes as generators powering the cinema but also bring along what they need in terms of cinema supplies (blankets, chairs, food, popcorn, drinks etc.). The films, videos and animations featured during the Cycle Cinema Club comprise a diverse selection of contemporary and classic moving images related to the bicycle and cycling. Cycle Cinema Club is open to everyone and free of charge, the only thing viewers may donate in return for the show is their pedal-power.

Children's art workshop by Petra Orbanić

What's on the bike that turns, by which we feel the wind moving?
It is circular, a lot of thin wire, we must be careful not to be punctured by the serrated faces.
Discover with us this riddle, join us in a great big number!
The workshop is for both large and small, come all, this is no joke.
We will draw, detect, what are mobiles, hoping only the weather to be fine.

Responsible young drivers (Bruxelles)

Since the founding in 1989, Responsible Young Drivers is committed to creating road safety awareness amongst young people. They believe that the best approach is a peer to peer dialogue, which is why their young volunteers are involved in their road safety awareness activities. They alert youth to road safety issues without being condescending. They accomplish this with the help of their young volunteers, entertaining and educational activities and positive messages. Although their main target is a younger audience, they give everyone a chance to benefit from their projects.

Bicycle polygon

We invite the youngest to come (accompanied by their parents) and try cycling on a fun and an instructive bike path. The bike path is intended for children who know how to ride a bike, even if they still use training wheels. On the bike path, they will learn which traffic signs they have to follow, and how to act properly while riding a bicycle.

Acro yoga / Acro jam

Acro Yoga is an art that combines yoga, acrobatics and therapeutic skills in a unique way, and it is also a dynamic, fun and interactive form of exercise, which deepens the trust and communication between the two (or more) people. Prior knowledge is not necessary so everyone is free to join us at the presentation of this skill and workshop!

Workshops are held by AcroFunkers duo and Dario & Danijela.

African - percussions workshop for children

African percussions workshop will introduce children to the abundant African culture of music, dance and rhythm. Children will actively participate in music making by learning about the African rhythmic and melodic instruments. After learning the basics of playing, they will make their own rhythm. Through learning about the African instruments, children will learn about the music and the tradition of a rich culture, as well as get in touch with our inner rhythm and get to know the body as an instrument. Workshop is organized by Ivana Đula from Artarea Union. Additional information can be found on their Facebook page.

* Apply for workshop, email address:

ECF leadership

closed for public

Bubble Hubble

A happy Croatian-Czech duo which entertains the young and the old. Their tools are magic wands dipped in a magical liquid! With some help from natural elements such as water and wind, they produce large bubbles which will take you up into the stars with their magic! Come and take a gander at this incredible giant balloon phenomenon.

Drvored (balkan ethno / chanson)

Drvored is a band from Croatia founded in 2010. in Zagreb. This 9-piece big band is known for their mixture of world music, chansone, ska rock and they even have a name for their music style - Balkankan! Their fresh sound is driven by instruments like accordion, flute, violin, saxophone, trombone, trumpet so every dance floor is wiped out by their powerful brass section they call Balkan-kan. Drvored mixes genres - from romantic lyrics in Croatian and French, revolutionary trumpets and world music elements to fast ska rhythms - and draws in the audience into their world coloured with their big brass section. Their last year’s album "Arhelino" has been proclaimed by the critics as one of the albums of the year. Dare to miss one of the most attractive Croatian bands!

Strobelyx (live act) (electronic)

Janko Novoselić is an excellent drummer, multi-instrumentalist and polyvalent musician known as a member of bands such as T.B.F., Bilk, Chui, Tobogan, Kozmodrum and Drumroll, and for collaborations with various giants of the world jazz scene. Strobelyx is his new solo project of electronic dance music performed live on drums, Ableton software and numerous controllers. He plays his set continuously without a break, as if it were a DJ set. While you are dancing at the maybe most exciting and hottest homegrown dance project which combines house, techno, breakbeat and dubstep, you will feel like you have touched the universe. After a series of digital singles which he started publishing in 2013, his last EP “Plavko” was published this year in April for a local label called Zona Muzika.

DemeNtronomes (funk / soul)

In late 2011, a small band of boys and a girl concluded that groove was seriously lacking around in Zagreb so they grabbed whatever instruments could be found about and went searching for it. Today, they form a peculiar band of eight who decided to make their slightly easygoing style their badge by naming themselves DemeNtronomes. Armed with saxophones of various sizes, somewhat unpredictable trombones, guitars that use real electrical power, vocal cords that don't need to and drumsets that could cook up a gumbo even north of the Wall, they found their place in their own brand of funk. Soul. Brother. Or something. They are planning to release their debut album before the start of summer.

Soul Brothers (old school rap / funk / turntablism)

Two DJ's, Soul Bader and DJ Slip Mat, mixing ol’ skool rap and funk music on four turntables from Zagreb. Besides DJing, both are active funk and hip hop contributors in Croatia as they are both part of Hrvatska Funk Delegacija, collective dedicated to revive the funk music in Croatia and they are co-hosting radio shows on Radio Student. Slip Mat is a member of Mixtape Sessions, weekly radio show focused on hip hop culture, while Soul Bader is hosting STANK! – weekly funk radio show with his step brother Werft. Soul Brothers mission is to promote funky music, boom bap rap and it's origins / samples - raw heavy funk breaks. Soul Bader and Slip Mat grew up listening to Rap music and met because of it. In high school days Soul Bader noticed Slip Mat had Nas is like lyrics on his desk and after that they became buddies. They have always played tracks to each other and after few years they were chilling and ended up using DJ software to do it. They saw the chemistry and the fun(k) in it so over the years they got better equipment and formed Soul Brothers. Four-turntable funky rap mix is their first official mixtape which can be heard on Mixcloud or downloaded from here. Part of the mix is recorded live on Mixtape Sessions party and can be seen on Vimeo.

Rachunica (disco / punk / funk / electro)

Do you know how long it takes to discover a dancefloor bomb? Well, Rachunica knows because he has been discovering them, together with people from Google, since 2005 when he first started as a DJ in a well-known club KSET. Two years later he became a member of Demode Collective as a performer and a promoter of the best indie/electro club night in the city. After Demode together with Bambi he forms an electronic dance programme named Trigger in the club Tvornica kulture (Culture Factory) for the season 2011/2012. One of his favourite performances was with Gang of Four, YACHT and HEALTH, the first Terraneo festival and Ljubljana’s K4. His in-depth search means he knows what he wants: an innovative up-beat fun and dancing music. He is arriving to the festival on his bike after a long break, and in his backpack he is bringing us a summer combination of disco, punk, funk and electro!

Pytzek (disco / house / boogie)

Small but deadly, DJ Pytzek has been a whirlwind of activity in developing the country’s homegrown talent and scene. Staying true to his own vision of what can be possible in his home country, he’s been consistent in embracing various aspects of deep house, tech & disco and pushing these to the Zagreb music scene. Working at the best underground clubs in the city, remixing for labels like Stranjjur, In The Woods & Blacksoul and founding the first Croatian electronic label to gain attention from across the spectrum, Burek, have all played a part in taking his DJing into the wider world. As Burek continues to go from strength to strength as a label to check for those in the know, Pytzek has established himself as a true cornerstone in the burgeoning Central European underground electronic music scene.

Sleepyheads (indie / rock / pop)

Sleepyheads have until recently been the best kept secret of Croatian indie music. However, since their album in late 2015 "The Swirling Thaughts of..." and as they have promoted the album at many concerts, they have become a well known band. And a good thing they have! They are a distinct band consisting of four rock and roll warriors who are inspired by the guitar music of the ‘90s everyone loved, but also more modern music of 2000s and 2010s. Here you can find just about anything - drums, bass, guitar, another guitar and the vocal. Indie rock is sometimes indie pop, but is most of all rock and roll. With each performance, they attract new fans. Sleepyheads are Vedran (vocal, guitar), Daniel (guitar), Domagoj (bass) and Dragomir (drums).

Marko i Darko (rock’n’roll / punk / blues)

Marko on guitar, Darko at drums, and together they make - Marko and Darko! This Zagreb’s rock'n'roll, punk and blues duo has been formed in 2014 and has played many times since. Playing masterfully and fast, yet unpretentiously and with joy, is what makes them different from Black Keys and White Stripes with whom they are often compared. Močvara will boil from sound, sweat and energy! Make sure you bring an extra t-shirt!

Nan deSKA?! (ska / reggae)

Zagreb ska-reggae band Nan deSKA?! returns after a long break on the local scene with their positive vibes. Since their beginnings in 2003, the band has held over 60 concerts in Croatia and abroad, filmed music videos, released their first and best album “Repetitio Est Mater Studiorom...orum” in 2012 etc. Thanks to their happy, relaxed and positive music with melodic brass and vocal and strong rhythms, many people of good taste know them. Besides ska and reggae, you can enjoy other music genres which add to their unique style.

dBart & E1 (disco / boogie / soul / house)

dBart is a passionate audiophile who has dedicated himself to electronic music, mostly house and its predecessor - disco! He has been playing since 2004 and has appeared on numerous smaller, more intimate events. His sets are characterized by dynamics, no limitations in genre scope as he is an eternal seeker after different and rare beats. A well known Zagreb DJ E1 has been playing in underground clubs across Croatia and region for the last 15 years, and was a member of a well known club programme Freilauf. In his sets you will find many genres such as disco, deep house, techno, experimental electronic music, boogie, soul, funk and more. With DJ Bart he will perform a back-to-back DJ set!

DJ Vlad (indie / alternative / rock / nu disco / indietronica)

DJ Vlad (Radio Terminal, Ljubljana) will squeeze out all music genres from indie and synth pop through to electro. He will throw some similar tunes from the region. Vlad will try to physically activate you, to be in harmony with your bike.

Jogarde (disco / house / techno)

Jogarde is a key-figure, DJ, promoter, record-shop owner, programming director and resident at Croatia's best kept secret club Masters. His rich musical background and energy were the determining factor for pushing the boundaries with his now legendary Freilauf Sessions in Zagreb. In promoting inspiring music and giving people the chance to express themselves freely, he hosted some of the world's most renowned disco and house aficionados such as Dixon, Ame, Prins Thomas, Gerd Janson, Metro Area, Justin Vandervolgen, Mark E, Mark Seven, Land of Light, Lexx, Hunee, Ilija Rudman and many more in Croatia's capital city. With his recently opened Bon ton store & gallery in the very heart of Zagreb he is bringing a new breeze of adriatic feeling and music lifestyle to the front. Nowadays he is considered by many as one of the finest croatian DJs. Doing the honours with legends like Francois Kevorkian or Theo Parrish, playing The Garden Festival, Dimensions, Lost In A Moment, Clubs in Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin, Bratislava, Düsseldorf, his journey has just begun.

Popsimonova (live act) (electro / industrial)

Croatian producer, composer and songwriter active in the music scene since 2006. Just like the legendary D.A.F., with whom her music is often associated, Popsimonova combines raw electronic rhythms with the energy of punk. Her voice, which declaims introspective observations about the time and place we live in, as well as cold mechanical forms, are all continuation of the European 80s electronic music. She performed many shows in Europe and South America and her releases can be found on labels Enfant Terrible, Romance Moderne, Gooiland Elektro (first solo 12"), J.A.M. Traxx (LP with Zarkoff) and Electronic Emergencies label (first solo LP released in 2015).

Čipkice (word music / ethno)

Take the love of music, curiosity and desire to discover new worlds, mix it and stir all together and you get - Čipkice / Tchipki-tse 🙂 /! Čipkice are a folk ensemble made up of a dozen versatile girls. They began their journey in 2008 with a Sevdah workshop, after which spawned the idea of founding the ensemble that would perform traditional music from around the world. Čipkice learned their repertoire at various workshops of traditional music, and perform it a cappella and with musical accompaniment. They introduce the audience with the beauty of different cultures and melodies which they discovered through their journeys. The ensemble has performed at various charity events, in promoting cultural treasure, and various manifestations aimed at tolerance and mutual respect. They are common guests at benefits concerts and support various humanitarian and activist initiatives.

Bambi (electro / tech / house)

Bambi has been a DJ for almost 15 years and all this time he's been dividing music to that worthy of playing over loudspeakers and that not worth the spent electricity. In 2004. Bambi started the Demode collective along with some friends, and with them performed with acts like Danger, Toxic Avenger, Headman, MIT, Notwist, Animal Collective and Caribou. Afterwards, he starts Trigger which brings Digikid84, Tits&Clits and Neomodern to Zagreb, and, apart from those programmes, you could hear him play at clubs like Sirup, Močvara, Medika, K4 and miscellaneous festivals. For Pedalafest, he is getting ready to play an electro-house set of melodious synths which will help cyclists regenerate their exhausted legs after a whole day of cycling.

Werft (funk / breakbeat)

Host of the show STANK!  on Radio Student and member of the Croatian Funk Delegation. Although funk is the first association you have when you hear about Werft, don’t be surprised if at some of his performances you hear the sounds of tech house or breakbeat. In his own words: you need to take a break and explore new things. Considering his experience and the overall line-up, we have no doubt in his abilities to adapt to the fellow performers.


You like to collect objects? Puzzles are your favorite pastime? You don’t get off the bike even while you’re sleeping? This is the right activity for you! We'll see how fast you are on a bicycle in collecting hidden items but not crush into our visitors in the park. Good luck!


Modelled on traditional Alka we have created a form of entertainment in which you should try to hit target with spear while riding a bike instead of a horse!


The festival also features a cycling event called "Critical Mass", a bike ride with a message which gathers cyclists with the aim of putting pressure on local authorities and demanding a better cycling infrastructure. A positive and cheerful atmosphere fills the event, giving the riders an opportunity to ride through the city and uniting them in their wish for change.

Back to swing

In the past few years swing dancing has experienced a boom on the local dance scene, and it’s hard not to notice dancers dressed in interesting vintage suits and dresses along with retro haircuts, jewelry and makeup at all the important vintage or retro events in Croatia. Happy, rhythmic and energetic, swing-dances are foremost a form of socializing and entertainment, but, for those that are in love with this dance form there are also countless festivals, camps and guest dancers coming from all over the world to perfect their dancing skills and meet like-minded people. Check out Andrea’s and Janko’s workshop if you are interested in seeing how a parallel universe where you can swing all day long looks like.

SentiMental Bikes

Handmade vintage looking bikes and motorized bikes from Zagreb (Croatia) and a  place where your dream could become reality 😉


Vatrenjaci are the fire masters who express their passion for fire on live performances across the city of Zagreb and beyond! They will joins us at Pedalafest with great pleasure and will fire it up for our the visitors!

Cycle Chick Hu is a cyclist lifestyle blog, which has been observing and transmitting the wonderful process in which Budapest and other Hungarian cities are becoming more and more “cyclist”. Our aim, besides documenting the cyclist boom which was unimaginable a few years ago, to show that cyclist transportation is accessible for everyone, yet stylish. All without special equipment, only dressing from our own wardrobe.